Lips, Lips Lips!

I love wearing lipstick, it can be worn casually or to dress up any outfit! I feel like some women are very intimidated to wear lipstick and this should not be the case!! You have to think of it like you are just adding another accessory to your outfit! It definitely takes time to master but it is soo worth it when you do! I have outlined the steps I take when I wear lipstick as well as shown my favourite shades I am currently obsessed with! I can only hope that this makes it a little less scary for you ladies to rock a bold, strong lip colour!

Hope you enjoy! xo


1. I like to prime my lips whenever I am putting on liner and lipstick. I love Laura Mercier concealer to do this regardless of the colour of lip I am wearing. Using any concealer will help even out the colour as well as provide a base for your lip liner!

2. I line my lips with a similar colour of liner to the lipstick I will be wearing. I will then fill in the lips with this same liner. I personally find that filling in the lips helps make the pigment of the lipstick bolder and makes the lipstick last longer. Keep in mind you can also alter the colour of your lipstick slightly depending on the hue of liner you use!

3. I will apply the lipstick over the liner and make sure to connect the lipstick on either end so you make a complete circle on your lips with the lipstick (i hope this makes sense because its hard to describe!!) Lastly I will line the outer lines of my lips with a concealer using a fine point brush (I also use this same brush and concealer to finish off my brows: hint hint!). This helps finish the look and aid in the precision of the lines of lipstick!

Here are the sequences with the three different shades I used! In order from top to bottom, Too Faced Melted Peony, Too Faced Melted Strawberry, and Too Faced Jelly Donut! My favourite red, pink and nude shades, all of which can be found at Sephora!! My favourite part about these lipsticks is the pigment is so strong and bright, they colour lasts all day and the applicator tip is a beautiful mix between a lipstick applicator and a gloss applicator!

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