Tarte Brazilliance Sunless Tanner Review

I was so thrilled that Sephora started carrying this tanner as I love love love Tarte, I read all the reviews on Sephora’s website (5*) and I could not wait to try out this beauty!

My Steps For Sunless Tanning

1. Shower, Shave & Exfoliate

2. Apply moisturizer only to dry areas, i.e. elbows, knees, hands and feet

3. Apply sunless tanner using mit area by area. i.e. do calves, then thighs, then abdomen, upper arms, lower arms etc!


I lovvvvved this tanner, I am a frequent user of St Tropez and I liked the application process of this tanner much better and found it much less sticky. It is more of a lotion application vs the mousse application which I actually liked better. I felt like it went on easier, with no streaking or orange tone.

I felt dry within a minute or two where as some others I have used I feel like I need to stand in front of an air conditioner for 10 minutes. I also liked the smell better than St. Tropez though it is still a different smell!

The key to this tanner is the intensity will depend on how much you put on. If you would like a light glow apply the lotion minimally, if you would like a more intense tan be generous on your application! Lastly I loved the fact that this is paraben, sulcate and phthalates free and incorporated maracuja oil, which made my skin feel softer and brighter!

This super sized bottle is currently on sale at Sephora for $65 regular $88 :)) Link (here)

Hope you enjoy! xo

        Before Application        Immediately After Application     24rs Post Heavy Application

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