One Piece Suits All Under $85

One Piece suits use to be for the old and the unstylish, that is no longer the case thanks to fabulous designers who realized a women would look just as great and sexy in a one piece!!

Regardless of your size or body type, it can be very easy to find a suit to compliment your figure, that being said the cut is the most important! Ive outlined below my favourites all under $85 at Asos online! If you are unsure about your body type and what would flatter you best check out this great breakdown on body types here and what suits are recommended depending on your type! (here)

Lastly a lot of people are hesitant to buy clothing online and I tend to agree on some occasions, with that being said a lot of Canadian sites now offer free shipping so you can return the suit worst case scenario if it doesn’t fit. Most good sites will also have a very accurate size chart, get a measuring tape and measure yourself to make sure. Also read the reviews if there are any! They may outline if it fits smaller or true to size or if the straps are adjustable or removable etc. I successfully ordered my L Space Wild One Piece (below) online and it fit absolutely perfectly! My other favourite online sites to find super cute one pieces for reasonable prices?! VenusOld Navy & Victoria Secret

Hope you enjoy! xo

Floral & Brights:

All three of these suits have a plunge V neckline and underwire. I will no longer buy a bathing suit without underwire, it is a necessity for any lady to help hold the girls in place and also to provide a more flattering look. These bright colours are so much fun and would be a perfect addition for a little weekend getaway or a week long under the Mexican sun!

 Left: (here)                           Middle: (here)                              Right: (here)

Ruched & Bandeau Support:

Similar to the above three theses three suits all have the similar V neckline, I love having adjustable straps so if you do want to void those tan lines on your chest you can just undo or remove the straps. Ruching is key for any ladies looking to accentuate your waistline while masking any abdominal imperfections.

Left: (here)                         Middle: (here)                         Right: (here)


I think we can all agree black is comfort, figure flattering and an easy go to look. These three suits add a bit of flare to the typical basic black suit, each complimenting vary body types and your favourite features!

Left: (here)                          Middle: (here)                       Right: (here)

It would also be a disservice if I did not include my two favourite suits over $85:)

L Space Wild One Piece $139 (here) I wore this bathing suit all around Southeast Asia and it did not let me down. The fit and the placement of the cut outs is perfection, I am not a skinny girl and was able to feel covered but also really comfortable and a bit sexy:O! The higher thigh cut out is very flattering and the cinching of the chest is perfect, I wear a 34DD and would probably not recommend it to anyone larger as the girls may decide to make an appearance!

Anthropologie Lace Front Maillot $98 (here) I have not purchased this suit…. yet, my favourite (far right has been on backorder forever!!! But it has caught my eye on several occasions as well as I have seen it on several instagram blogger sites and it looks amazing on everyone! I love the coverage but the plunge lace v neck is spot on and adds a very feminine touch! Amen for summer:):)

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