My Favorite Workout Bra

Bra’s, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! I struggled for a long time to find a really good, support, full coverage workout bra and I am so thrilled to say I have finally found it!!! Tada!!!! I give you the Victoria Secret Knockout Sports Bra, a bra within a bra!!

These workout bras are the BOMB!! There is absolutely nothing I don’t love about this bra! The front closure allows for an easy on and off (god knows we have all struggled getting a sweaty bra off post workout!) The interior bra gives support to the ladies without squishing them or flattening them, and the final zip closure allows for the ladies to not come spilling out of your bra mid workout!!

The price tag does come in a bit steep at $65Can however I truly believe it is worth it considering most Lululemon and other sport bras come in around the $48-52 range. Spend the extra $10-$15 and get an amazing, support, full coverage bombshell of a bra!! You will thank me later:)

Hope you enjoy xo


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