DIY Chalk Paint Dresser

This was my first big DIY (I am nor a very crafty person so this is a big deal haha!) I am getting super anxious to get in our new house so I am trying to keep myself as busy as possible! I snagged this beautiful solid wood dresser at Salvage Edmonton for ONLY $85 and after doing tons of research I picked up Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint at Apple Box Boutique in St. Albert! I wanted as minimal work as possible, no sanding or anything, thats my kind of DIY and let me just say this Chalk Paint is worth its weight! This paint is unbelievable and can be used to paint metal, wood, plastic and even fabric!! So here is a walk through of how I painted our dresser for our master!

Hope you enjoy! xo

This was the dresser before:)




One Fine Paint brush

One Medium Paint Brush

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Napoleonic Blue

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White

Paint Tape

My Process

Step One

As I mentioned before, it was no necessary to sand down the dresser all of the reviews I read said to just start painting, so I did! I wanted the combination of Blue and White so I free handed the interior of the drawers and painted the remainder of the dresser. Most of the reviews I read said you only need one coat however as you can see from the photos I got a much better, bolder colour doing two coats of blue and I actually did three coats of white to make sure it really popped!


Step Two

I outlined the interior of the drawers and exterior of the drawer frame with painters tape as I knew my skills would not get me far in this category! I ended up doing three coats of the white, total drying time after each coat was maybe an hour (i was able to do this whole dresser in an afternoon!).

Step Three

I ended up just buying a silver spray paint to do the hardware and it worked great. After the paint was dry I took of all the tape and did a bit of touch ups here and there and then put the hardware back on and Taaaa Daaa!!!!!! I am so happy with how it turned out and it will compliment our paisley bedroom duvet set perfectly!


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