Beauty Blender Review

This is my new favourite beauty tool that has changed my makeup routine forever… Introducing the Beauty Blender!

I have tried a couple dupe versions of this as well as other applications for putting on Foundation/Concealer/Cream Contour including makeup brushes and my fingers but I found the brushes were too harsh on my skin and I didn’t like wasting the additional foundation on my hands. Some of the other dupe versions I tried were good but definitely not as good as this one. At $26 it is expensive for a sponge however as something I use everyday and to put on my foundation, my concealer and my cream contour, plus the fact that it does not irritate my skin, I feel it is definitely worth the price. This is and will be my go to beauty tool from now on!

Tips to using the Beauty Blender.

1. Make sure its clean, I wash mine after every use with bath and body works soap, some other reviews Ive read recommend dish soap works really well but you want to make sure your sponge is clean when you are applying your foundation to ensure you avoid any bacteria build up or acne flare ups!

2. I only use my beauty blender with it being damp. This helps tremendously when applying makeup and after reading a bunch of reviews this is really the best way to use the blender. I will run my blender under the tap for a couple seconds, squishing it in and out to make sure it absorbs enough water then squeeze it enough so most of the excess water drains from the sponge. I will then dab it with a towel and apply my foundation. This will also help the sponge repel absorbing more of your product, and leaves a beautiful even finish.

3. After applying your foundation, you want to make sure you wash and store your blender somewhere dry otherwise it will retain the water and a funky smell like leaving towels wet in the wash too long haha I know from experience!

The Beauty Blender can be purchased in stores at Sephora or online here! The Sephora website has a great video as well outlining how to utilize your beauty blender!

I hope you enjoyed this product review! xo

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