Wedding Attire

It is that time of year again… Wedding Season!! I will be sharing some tips for dressing as a wedding guest for those beautiful summer weddings!

1. Colours: Never wear white! I think that is pretty well known but hey I will put it in anyways! You never want to outshine the bride however you also don’t want to compromise your own style and finding a medium can be hard! I am loving floral patterns for weddings this year, lavender, blues, corals, and pink are also beautiful/safe colours that will work for any summer wedding!

2. Skin: This should go without saying but please avoid mini skirts or cutout dresses and yes I have seen people wear these to weddings! These outfits are not appropriate attire for a summer wedding, unless maybe you are at the wedding chapel in Vegas, even then meh!

3. Shoes: I am a girl who loves her shoes, especially heels however when it comes to weddings especially a garden/outdoor wedding do yourself a favour and wear flats, or at least pack flats as most lawns do not need additional aeration from your heels! These old navy gladiator sandals are super comfortable and super affordable for under $30.

4. Necessities: I like to bring a small purse with me so I have to narrow down the key necessities I want for the evening. I will always take a pair of sunnies, lipstick/lipgloss, mints and if it is an outside wedding a travel size bottle of sunscreen cus skin cancer does no one any good!

Hope you enjoy! xo

DSC00532 DSC00552 DSC00553 DSC00535 DSC00551 DSC00539


Dress: Winners (Similar here), Handbag: Michael Kors (here), Sandals: Old Navy (here), Ring: Eliasz & Ella Love.City. Strength Ring (here), Bracelet: Eliasz & Ella (here), Sunglasses: Retro City (here)

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