Basic Summer Makeup

I love summer! Heat, sun, short shorts, loose tanks, fruity cocktails and that gorgeous summer glow! I try really hard not to bathe in the sun to avoid the not so pleasant sunburn so Ive learned a couple tricks to cheat the dewy glow!

A basic go to summer makeup look is a must for the days you are running arraigns, going to the pool or lounging in the sun and these products below are mine in the order that I use them!

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base > This is my go to base before I put any makeup on, ever, summer or winter! It smells amazing, like a fresh grapefruit, is super hydrating, contains Vitamin A, C & E and leaves my skin so soft but not oily which is a problem I usually struggle with! ($66 here)

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer > Every girl needs a great tinted moisturizer! I have tried my fair share and I always end up coming back to this baby! It comes in 13 different shades depending on your skin tone and the tint you are looking for. It has a great texture and beautiful finish for a natural glow. Most weekends and office days this is all I wear on my skin. ($56 here)

Rimmel Maxi Bronzer & 3 in 1 Shimmering Bronzer > Some days I will put on my tinted moisturizer and go but other days when I want a bit more colour or shimmer I use these two bronzers. I grabbed these awhile ago on sale for $8 each at Shoppers and they are currently on sale now! The 3 in 1 shimmer is my go to as you can customize the look you want depending on how dark or light you want the finish and it has a beautiful shimmer. The Maxi Bronzer is a great matte finish bronzer for a quick application or additional colour for the 3 in 1 shimmer. If you are looking for a great drug store bronzer I highly recommend these!

DiorShow Waterproof Mascara > I only use waterproof mascara as I find it lasts much longer and better than regular mascara. This diorshow mascara I have used for the last several years and it is my go to mascara for a easy summer look or dressed up night out. It has a larger bristled end which gives sky high length and great volume. ($31 here)

Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss > Lastly a girl need a shiny lip! I love lipgloss. Even when I wear lipstick I always put gloss on top! For an easy look I love this neutral dusty pink Smashbox gloss! It gives a very soft neutral lip that goes with anything! ($23 here)

I hope you enjoyed my basic summer makeup go to’s! xo


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