Prtty Peaushun – Deep Dark Review

I first saw this lotion of Lux Beauty Boutique instagram and was very curious to try it out! A bronzing, skin tightening lotion… yes please!!

My initial thought was it does not have a smell, or it does but it smells like lotion with no smell… haha does that even make sense?! Any who! The colour is beautiful however with the deep dark you really have to rub it into your skin. I applied it to non tanned skin and skin when I used my self tanner and it looked much better on the tanned skin. Its a beautiful radiant glow with a very slight shimmer and gives your tanned skin an extra boost! It comes in 5 colours, Plain, Light, Medium, Dark & Deep Dark. I opted for the deep dark for the summer months to really add a glow to my skin, I will likely opt for light or medium for the winter months!

One thing I did not like about it was I found it a bit sticky. I applied the lotion and let it dry for about 10 minuted before putting on clothes and then wore it outside in 27+ weather and my skin felt sticky most of the day.

Overall Verdict! I do really like the glow and will definitely use this lotion for weddings, throughout the colder months to give my skin that little extra boost throughout the winter however I probably won’t be using it daily with hot weather! If you have any tips to make this lotion not as sticky please share, maybe mixing it with your regular everyday lotion to dilute it a bit would help?! I will give that a whirl and hope that helps, if it does I will be needing a jug of this stuff!!

You can purchase Prtty Peaushun online here or at Lux Beauty Boutique!

Hope you enjoyed! xoDSC00755

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