Eyebrow Routine

I first started learning to fill in my brows at a makeup class here in Edmonton and from that point forward my makeup routine was forever changed. Filling in your brows not only gives structure and depth to you face, it also frames and highlights your eye! If I am going to do one thing in the mornings its by brows! For that very reason I want to share my eyebrow routine with you all!

Now keep in mind it does take a while to get the hang of it and figure out the shape that best suits you! I still sometimes play around with this, just remember to have fun with it! I would highly recommend going into Sephora and either talking with a beauty consultant there or taking swatches of the different shades of dip brow to figure out which will suit your eyebrow colour best. I have both shades Dark Brown and Ebony, depending on the seasons and how dramatic of I look I want i go between the two!

Products Used: I am a dye hard Anastasia Beverly Hills fan. Her dip brow is amazing, reasonably priced ($18) and lasts foreverrrrr! (As you can tell from the picture below I bought this shade over 9 months ago and I am barely half way through it!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Dark Brown

Anastasia Brow Gel

Covergirl Ready Set Go Concealer

Hope you dolls enjoy! xo

Step 1: Brush your brows. I like to brush out my brows to make sure all the little hairs are straight and pointed in the right direction!DSC01012

Step 2: Dip your tipped brushed into the dip brow and use the under side of the lid to feather out the product so you don’t take on too much! I also like to pinch my tipped brush with toilet paper to make sure the tip is as pointed and straight as possible.

DSC01021 DSC01024

Step 3: Line under your brows. I like to have as straight of line as possible because of my eyebrow shape. Again this will vary depending on the shape of your own brow and the look you would like to attain!


Step 4: Line above your brows. The key to lining above is not going for a solid dark line the whole way, you’ll see below I start to line a bit behind the start of my brow and then back towards the tip of my brow.


Step 5: Fill in your brow. As mentioned above i like to leave the front of my brow lighter than the rest of the brow, not having such harsh lines softens the look. With the way my brows are shaped I like to do more of a rectangle edge, some women have a more round finish whatever works for you, you do you!l!

Step 6: I like to finish my brows by taking a tapered brush and using my concealer to finish off the edges and make sure every line is where i want it. If you make any mistakes this concealer is a life saver! Lastly a little brow gel to keep all those little hairs in check!

DSC01044 DSC01048


DSC01057 DSC01063 DSC01070

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