40 Things That Make Me Happy

I saw this idea on another blogger’s post and absolutely loved the idea! I wanted to share some things about me as the person behind the blog because I am more than the person who poses in photos, I am a human, flawed in many ways and no where near perfect. This blog is more than just fashion advice or makeup tips, it is about doing my part in sharing things I am passionate about to empower all of the amazing women around me, to allow women to be the best versions of themselves.

Happiness for me is the fundamental key to a life well lived, it is what people strive for everyday and for me realizing its not just about the big accomplishments or huge milestones its the little things even more than the big things. I wanted to share the big and little things that make me, me and that inspire me to be the best version of myself!

Hope you enjoy! xo

1. My Family, I have THE most supportive and loving family, friends and husband on the planet. My husband is one of the most hard working man I have ever met and I love him more than any words could rightfully describe<3

2. My Puppy, we got our little Basset Cali coming up on 6 years ago and she is the best thing Clayton and I have ever done together. Clayton works out of town a lot and Cali is my comfort, my little side kick. She brings us so much joy and happiness and she really is my baby! SC-1year-074

3. Chocolate

4. Coffee Dates with Friends

5. Cuddles with my beautiful little niece Lily

6. Traveling, exploring new cities and new countries. I love adventure and I love that traveling brings me so into a new world so different from home. Through traveling, I have also learned how lucky I am to call Canada home


7. Tim Hortons Steeped Tea with one milk, one sugar

8. Christmas, I am a Christmaholic and am anxiously awaiting November to start decorating our home, listening to christmas music and restricting my diet to egg nog, peppermint mocha’s, poppycock and gingerbread cookies!

9. Netflix

10. Candle lit bath

11. My water pillow

12. Reading a good book or a magazine curled up in front of the fireplace

13. Animals

14. Horseback Riding

15. Scuba Diving, I was introduced to diving when I was 16yrs old on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia and it is something that will always bring me so much joy and happiness. I swear everyone should try it once in their life! The beauty and silence underwater is like nothing you will ever experience529169_10151417271818932_707569815_n     931273_10151417265208932_1537907056_n

16. My Macbook Pro, I could not live without it!

17. A fresh snowfall

18. Hot chocolate & Bailey’s

19. Comedy Movies (I am terrified of any horror or scary movies, it may sound childish but I get nightmares!!

20. Sports, I love playing sports! I played competitive hockey and lacrosse growing up and am forever grateful for what those sports and communities taught me about team work, responsibility and accountability!

21. Online Shopping (I have come to hate crowded malls!)

22. Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles (Twisted Peppermint/Fresh Balsam)

23. Home Sense/Winners

24. My Job, I love my job and I love that I get to work with my dad everyday. I have a home based office and I am so grateful for the freedom and flexibility this gives me and my family.

25. Snowboarding15623_10152726625838932_485834205335483817_n

26. My housecoat, when Im home I live in it

27. Shoes

28. Elf The Movie, Literally my all time favourite movie!1459860_10151831571778932_1286720016_n

29. Our Home

30.    Pina Colada Bubble Tea with Pineapple Jelly

31. Road Trips

32. Playing with makeup

33. Making people laugh

34. A fresh set of nails

35. Golfing

36. Watching the sunset12108857_10153219195678932_5948415222384734774_n

37. Sand under my feet and between my toes

38.  Helping people

39. Leopard Print

40. This Blog<3

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