Online Shopping Tips & Tricks

With Christmas quickly approaching I thought it would be appropriate to share my tips and tricks for shopping online! Saying that I like online shopping may be a slight understatement!! I love online shopping period. I will likely do 90% of my Christmas shopping online! It gives you access to any designer, brand, style or piece of clothing on the planet!

Hope you enjoy! xo

Coupon Codes: I don’t have one particular site I use, I usually just type in google the brand or company I am looking for and coupons ie. Sephora Coupon Codes. Using this tool can help you save 10%, 25% even sometimes 50% off items you are looking to purchase online. Other coupons may include Free Shipping or Duty Free Shipping for us Canadians purchasing through US Retailers!

Email Blasts: I have a love/hate relationship with email blasts, I sort through about 50 emails every morning from different retailers however signing up for them can save you a ton of money. Companies will email out discount coupons, duty free or free shipping promotions etc This is a great way to stay on top of sales or monthly promotions these sites are having and if you are no longer interested it is a quick click of the unsubscribe or delete button!

Buying In The Off Season: It may sound odd but now is the time to buy your spring and summer clothes as all of the retailers are clearing out their summer inventory to make room for their fall lines. I always shop for my fall/winter clothing/accessories in the spring and spring/summer in the fall and I will buy Christmas Decorations in the new year!  It may feel like a long time to wait between seasons but with the amount of money you will save, your wallet will thank you!

Customer Reviews: This is a huge one, I will buy pretty much anything online but I am always looking at what the customers are saying. Many sites have customer review tabs, read them!! You can learn a lot through the comments about sizing/fit/quality etc! If the site doesn’t have them, google the reviews with the brand or name of item you are looking at!

Sizing Issues: A lot of people are very hesitant to shop online especially when it comes to clothes/shoes. Will the item fit? Will I have to return it if it doesn’t fit? Do i have to pay shipping to return it? etc etc!  Most of the stores I shop online I know my sizes however if you are hesitant use a measuring tape and follow the stores size chart. Most larger brand stores have an online store so you can zip into the nearest location to make triple sure! Nowadays so many retailers offer free return shipping so it is not a great expense if something doesn’t fit or you change your mind!

My Favorite Online Stores: Lastly I wanted to share my favourite online stores, below  I have linked all of them to their Canadian site. Keep in mind when you are shopping online you are aware of the currency and shipping costs as these can be two things that really add up!

Sephora                           Aldo Shoes                       Lululemon

Forever 21                       Nordstrom                         Matt & Nat

Old Navy/Gap                  Asos                                  Banana Republic

Miss Boss                       Quark Shoes                      JCrew Outlet

Eliasz & Ella                    ShoeMe                              LolaShoetique (US)

Simons                           Chapters/Indigo                 ShopBop

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