Blanket Scarf & Poncho Video Tutorial

Happy Friday!

I really wanted to share with you guys different ways to style a poncho and blanket scarf and after attempting it through photos I just decided to try a video so this is a very different post for me and the first time I have ever done a video, so be nice haha! I know the lighting is a bit dark and clarity not so great but Im actually surprised how good it turned out! It was a steep learning curve but I did really enjoy it! I give a lot of credit to those youtubers as this was not an easy task so let me know what you guys think and if you want to see more video tutorials like this, I will do more digging and amp up my quality!

I have shown both my poncho and blanket scarf in this tutorial and several ways to wear each piece. Both pieces are from Jackson Rowe, the Ryder poncho here and the Scout blanket scarf in brick here! You can also purchase this brand here in Edmonton at Miss Boss and in Regina at Trinity Clothing!

I hope you guys enjoy and look forward to your feedback! xo

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