Christmas Decorating


As you can guess, I am the one on the left!! I absolutely love Christmas and everything magical and wonderful about it! Mid November rolls around and it’s game on for decorating especially because the weather here in Alberta usually reflects winter at that time of year!

Any who! I am sharing my Christmas Decorating style for this year and the theme is Silver & Gold with hints of wood, que Christmas carols!!  All of our Christmas decor was purchased at Pier 1 Imports, Michaels, Canadian Tire, Home Sense & Costco!

I also love wrapping presents and I found THE best wrapping paper I have ever used right here in Edmonton at Creative Packaging . The plaid paper is double sided and it is a thicker paper and so easy to work with! I highly recommend going in and checking them out, they have an amazing selection of wrapping paper for all occasions and they are definitely, 100% worth the investment!

I will leave you a funny story, our first tree was much taller however it turns out that forgetting to water a tree for 4 days doesn’t end well! So it was back to Ikea we went and this super cute tree worked out perfectly!

Hope you enjoy! xo


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