My Christmas Wish

I wanted to share a more personal post before Christmas.  It is by far my favourite time of year and also a point of reflection on the year that has passed.

Looking back now, this was a pretty crazy year. We had ups and we had some downs. Some of my highlights from this year include starting this blog that has allowed me the opportunity to meet and connect with so many amazing people that I will be forever grateful to for the support and love towards B&B! I participated in my first heli-skiing trip with some great friends, I highly recommend this experience as it is the most beautiful way to see the Rockies and enjoy the most powder I have ever seen!! We finally  moved into our dream house, we celebrated friend and family weddings as well as the birth of two beautiful babies.

The biggest down of this year was my father being diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and will complete his third over Christmas. I have never really mentioned this before because it is very personal to me however I think it is so important to talk about because so many people are going through tough times whether it is financially, health wise, or other issues and with such perfection on social media it is so important to remember life is never perfect and everyone goes through struggles. As much as I talk about “stuff” please know that at the end of the day NONE of that matters and I want to make sure that is not lost. The people you share your life with are what matter most and the time you have with those you love is the biggest gift of all. We all take time for granted and unfortunately it seems that only when you watch a love one go through such struggle do you truly understand and appreciate how lucky you really are for everything, your health, your family, your friends, and your life.

My Christmas wish for all of you this holiday season is that you step away from social media, your phones and computers to enjoy your loved ones. We spend so much time glued to various technology outlets, we forget about those around us and those most important to us. Instead of living in the moment we watch it scroll by in our Facebook news feed, which I have been guilty of more times than I can count. I will be disconnecting  from social media over the holidays for that very reason and I look forward to reconnecting with all of you in the New Year! Christmas is nothing without family and I intend to spend every waking minute with those I love and cherish most.

I guess this was more of a gratefulness recap however I think it is so important that we never loose site of whats important and what truly matters. You will be a better person for it and I wish every person reading this a happy, healthy, and love filled Christmas and New Year!


Sarah xo

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