2016 Goals

I can’t believe how quickly December flew by and its back to work for me today! I so enjoyed the down time and being able to spend quality time with the people I love! We had lots of family visits and a lot of pj days as well as our last trip of the year to Fairmont!

Starting this year off I truly believe it is important to set goals for yourself whether small or big. Regardless of your past, previous mistakes or failings, I always see the New Year as a fresh start, a chance to take advantage of all this world has to offer us. Whether it is taking back your health, making yourself a priority or simply setting some small goals, I commend and encourage you to pursue them. Many joke about setting new years resolutions, for me it is no joke, I am healthy, willing and able to pursue and do anything I put my mind to, it is only my own reservations that can stop me. That being said in order to succeed you must set goals but also steps to achieve those goals. I wanted to share some of my goals this year and how I intend to achieve them!


Maybe the most common New Years resolution but I don’t care!! The older I get the more I realize how important and valuable our body and health is. For me it is not about weight or size, frankly I am very comfortable with my body however its about my health, feeling better and making sure I live a long healthy life! My goal for this year is 80/20, to eat 80% healthy and 20% not so healthy. I lovvve sweets and chocolate so to completely cut those out of my diet is unrealistic however a better balance is needed! I intend to do this by planning my weekly meals on sunday, grocery shopping if necessary and pre cooking anything I can in advance. I have also started taking a multi vitamin and glucosamine for my joints as past hockey injuries are starting to affect my knees!


Obviously I love to shop, no surprise there however sometimes it is unnecessary! This year I want to focus more on quality purchases over quantity, buying items that are well made and will compliment my existing wardrobe. Also I have reorganized my closet to make my clothes more visible, which I think will help me shop in my own closet vs going out and buying things I do not need! I have struggled with this in the past especially now with this blog as there is pressure to keep up with the Jones, buy the newest and greatest however that is not realistic for me financially and probably not for many of you as well! Many bloggers are sponsored by various companies and attain items for free, unfortunately/fortunately this is not the case for me. Every brand I have featured on here I have paid for with my hard earned money and I personally take pride in the fact that when I review a product its coming from a consumer, someone who has invested their own money and is giving an honest opinion of the product and their recommendations. So instead of trying to keep up with everyone, I am going to go at my own pace and with a weekly cash budget so there is no temptation to use debit or credit and buy something I really do not need. This year is going to be a great year for us and we would love to start a family so saving for our future is what is most important to me!


This blog has been such an amazing adventure for me and this year I want to focus more on what you guys want to see, open the line of communication and have more interaction with all of you! Please feel free to message me on Facebook or comment down below and let me know what you would like to see i.e. more product reviews, how to shop for certain items etc! I also want to get better quality photos, this is something I am really going to work on this year. Id like to change up the scenery more often, again going back to quality over quantity! Lastly I really want to search out great Canadian brands and be an advocate for shopping local quality items so if you guys know of any Canadian brands that you love please let me know about them!


One goal for myself this year is to be more present in the moment. This means managing my time better so I can disconnect from social media to spend time with my family. Managing my job, the blog as a second job and my family can be hard some times so I need to make sure I am making time for all and at the same time not letting it affect the others. Clayton and I in the past have done a no phones after 7pm and I think this is going to be reinstated. I also really want us to be more active together this year, Clayton starts his new job in the city this week so this will allow us the time we really haven’t had together as he has always worked out of town! I am soo excited to have him home in the evenings and on weekends and to be able to plan our lives!! Yay!! Our plans for this year include joining a gym together, taking cali on nightly walks, going on more adventures, traveling (even if its just a weekend getaway) and being more active in general as a family!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope this may inspire some of you to set some goals of your own!

Sarah xo

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