I have to be honest, I have heard about Saje quite a bit over the last year and I truly thought it was a bit hoky poky! However, since deciding to change some of my habits including being more healthy, calm and less stressed this year, I decided to give it a try!

I was shopping in Cross Iron mills the day before Black Friday and Saje had their nebulizers on sale as well as 20% store wide so I thought what the hey, it can’t hurt to try it! I purchased the AromaGem in Chrome (link here) as well as the Spa Spirit oil on recommendation from the store manager and I am in LOVE with them both! I use it every single night! I also recently purchased Exhale which is another awesome scent.

Recommendations when purchasing Saje Nebulizers: Buy according to which room you are going to put it in.  I bought the AromaGem for our bedroom. It is the smallest size of nebulizer and perfect for a bedroom, however the water canister is quite small so I’m usually filling it up every night if I let it run continuously through the night and into the next day. I am now wanting a larger one for our living area;)!

Saje also has some other great products for other ailments including headaches/migraines, digestions, hormonal issues, allergies, cold & flu to name a few. I have linked that portion of the site here! I believe it is definitely worth a try especially if you are looking for other alternatives to modern medicine!



Hope you enjoyed!

Sarah xo

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