One Fated Knight – King Carry All / Briefcase Bag

This is a brand I have been eyeing for months and was very spoiled by my amazing husband when I opened it Christmas morning!!!

First lets talk about the many reasons I love this brand!

To start, One Fated Knight was founded in Vancouver by Jennifer Yau, the owner and creative director of the brand! Canadian… yessss!!! Jennifer’s inspiration comes from the medieval era of quality, durable leather pieces “fit for the urban battlefield!” Functional, durable, gorgeous… yessssss!! Lastly, Jennifer uses recycled leather to construct these beautiful bags! Earth lover and responsible, creative artist…… yesssssssss!!!!

Now lets move on to my new handbag love, my king , and why I choose this style! After looking at all the beautiful bags One Fated Knight has to offer, I decided to go with the King because of the functionality and space it offered. I was looking for a handbag that I could transition effortlessly from day to night, that would hold my laptop as well as all my lipsticks and be fashionable but not too bulky. This bag fits the description to perfection. I also adore the fact that it has the cross body option as well as the tote straps, I don’t know if I will ever buy another bag that doesn’t have these two strap options! The amount of space in this bag is insane, there are a total of three different zipper pockets, one on the front, one on the back and one in the very middle as well as two separate compartments for your phone/lipsticks/business cards etc. I tried to show them below in the photos to give more of a visual, this bag can literally fit your whole life plus some;)!

Lastly lets discuss what to look for when investing in a classic, timeless handbag! Lets face it, quality handbags are not cheap so you want to make sure you check off all of your requirements and necessities before deciding! First for me is functionality, what do you intend to use the bag for? Work? Play? Everyday? This also plays directly into size. If you are going to use it as an evening bag the likelihood is you will be putting your phone, wallet and maybe a lipstick in it, so you really dont need or want a lot of space. If you are going to use it as an everyday bag, think about what you bring with you on a daily basis. For me I always have either my laptop or iPad, phone, wallet, a couple lipsticks, files etc so I need the compartments to fit these accordingly. If you are a mom and need to pack diapers/bottles/changes of clothes you are going to need some serious space as well! Next up, colour, this can be a tough one! This bag also comes in a gorgeous Washed Java colour (here) and initially I was sold on this colour however I have a Matt & Nat Raylan in a neutral beige colour and don’t have a black work bag (yes I know, its shocking;)!!) so I opted for the black and am so thrilled I did! If your bag is going to be used for an everyday bag and something you will want to use for years to come, I would recommend sticking to neutrals (Black/Grey/Camel/Brown). That way, no matter the season/jacket/outfit/accessories your bag will always work and look fab!

I highly recommend always doing your research before you buy an investment handbag, be a responsible shopper and know about the brand, durability, functionality. The older I get the less I am interested in the popular brand names like Michael Kors & Coach. I am more interested in unique, quality pieces that separate me from the crowd! It can be a very overwhelming process as there are so many brands out there however I take my money very seriously and work very hard so I don’t want to spend money on a bag thats going to fall apart in a year. Also know what is in your closet before you shop and shop for the pieces you are missing, not similar replicas of items you already have! Also use the internet to search out different bags/styles/companies. This is a pain free way to research in your pjs;)!

I hope you guys enjoyed this feature and have a fabulous weekend!

Sarah xo

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