Origins GinZing Scrub Cleanser

I had been eyeing this scrub cleanser for awhile and magically santa new it would be a perfect stocking stuffer;) I wanted to try it out for a couple weeks before I recommended it to you guys to make sure I gave it a fair trial!

I am still using my clinique set (linked here) and loving it however I was finding with the harsher weather I needed more of an exfoliant cleanser to use a couple times a week to get rid of dead skin. After some research I/Santa settled on this one!

I am in lovvvve. Origins is a very well known company and is probably best known for using natural plant products in their ingredients. Their products are very well reviewed and rated online, hence the reason I settled on this one out of the hundreds of options!

Breaking down the product itself, first of all the scent is amazing! There is nothing like washing your face and smelling a beautiful orange citrus scent to wake you up in the morning! As I mentioned above, i only use this a couple times a week to get rid of all that dead skin, using it everyday may cause more dryness. I use my clinique cleanser every other day as a more gentle alternative (link here). That being said I don’t find this scrub aggressive at all, its a perfect in-between.  With the price coming in at $24CAD (link here), I believe it is very reasonably priced and a high quality product that I would happily recommend to you guys! Overall I am thrilled with this product and it will be a definite go to for a long, long, long time!

I hope you guys enjoyed!

Sarah xo



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