St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse

I have been feeling extra pale lately and wanted to try an express bronzing mousse that was reputable and that I know would not turn me orange so I settled on this St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse that will give you a light tan in 1hr or a dark tan in 3hrs. I really wanted to try an express tanning mousse because I despise having to go to bed wearing any product that I know is going to come off on my sheets!

As instructed I made sure to exfoliate 24hrs before use and did not use any lotions after exfoliating. To apply, first moisture your driest areas, elbows, knees, feet and hands. This will help keep the product from cultivating in those dry areas, giving  you a more even finish. I then go body part by body part working my way up from my calves, thigh, butt, stomach (front and back) to then chest, back, arms and face. I alwayssssss use a mitt to apply self tanner to avoid the hordenous orangey hands you can get, this St Tropez one for $8 is great and the one I use most! With this express mousse you can apply it right when you get home from work or on a saturday morning and be able to wash it off before bed! Once I wash off the product I douse myself in lotion. This will help skin your skin moisturized and your tan stay on longer!

Another great thing about this product is the 2 in one deal. If you want a lighter glow you can rinse the product off after an hour but if you want a darker tan you can leave it on past 3 hours. Most often then not you would have to buy two products to get these two different outcomes so the fact that you can customize your tan for the finish you want is pretty awesome!

For results, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how good of a tan I got in 3hrs, I did leave it on for close to 5 before washing it off in time for bed! As you can tell from the pictures it gives a beautiful bronzed glow without looking streaky or orange! For $54 it is a bit on the pricing end however the fact that you can customize your tan and have a tan is just over an hour, I would definitely recommend this product!

Hope you guys enjoyed! xo



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