Graphic Tees

I truly debated doing a cute floral Valentines Day inspired outfit but I really was not into it! I feel like I would be leading you guys on if I posted something that I would not actually be wearing! I follow some amazing bloggers but I often wonder if they wear the clothes they post about after they take their pictures and sometimes… I think not!! I prefer the jeans and graphic tees with an oversized sweater for weekends even if it is Valentines day so this is what I wanted to share!

I have been loving graphic tees lately and when I saw this one on the racks at Winners for $20 I could not resist! We all have those day where things go wrong and sometimes being an adult sucks, so to be able to wear it on a t-shirt versus screaming it to the world! Thats what I love about graphic tees, some are cute, some are sassy, some speak the truth and some are hilarious! Some of my favourite brands of graphic tees include 35mm, Brunette The LabelForever 21, and Ily Couture.

Can we also take a minute to admire these necklaces!!! I am in love with the layering pieces Eliasz & Ella have just come out with and these two necklaces are absolutely stunning. The new 36’inch Labradorescence Chain Necklace is perfection. With the delicate detailing and cut of the stone right down to the stone itself and the reflections it gives, it is a sure winner and do I really have to say anything about the cutest little pineapple necklace, ahh i love it!! Dressed up or down they can be worn on their own or together for a beautiful accent to any outfit.

Lastly I will mention these booties, I am in love with not only the bootie but the style, colouring and brand! I had been looking for a flat bootie for a while but really wanted to find something different and unique. Thankfully on a recent trip to Moose Jaw, my favourite little boutique there, Rowan Clothing answered my prayers! These booties are made with Vegan leather and are absolutely devine in person. The shredded material and worn look are the perfect combination of rock and roll meets boho, this will be a brand to look out for forsure!

Hope you guys enjoy! For those of you celebrating Valentines Day & the long weekend, I hope it is filled with love and spent with those you cherish!

Sarah xo


Graphic Tee: Winners (similar here & here), Sweater: Old Lululemon (similar here), Jeans: AG Jeans at Winners for $70 (similar here), Boots: Matisse Footwear in the style Meade (here), Handbag: One Fated Knight King (here), Pineapple Necklace: Eliasz & Ella (here), 36’Inch Necklace: Eliasz & Ella (In Store at Miss Boss), Bracelets: Eliasz & Ella (here & here)

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