5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Minus the basic necessities of life including my friends and family, these are the things I cannot live without!

My iPhone 6 Plus

It is kinda sad to say but this thing is my life, personally and professionally! Being an independent medical sales representative my phone connects me to my customers. I use this phone to receive all my emails, do my online banking, online shop, you name it! I also use it a ton for blogging and staying connected to you guys!

My Favourite Apps:

Deliveries ($6.99) : If you are an online shopper like me you will lovvve this app! You can input all of your tracking numbers for your shipments and this app keeps track for you and alerts you when packages are delivered etc!

CS CamScanner (Free) : I love this app!!! This app allows you to take a picture of any document and it will convert it into a scanned pdf document! I use this a ton for work as well as at home to send documents to myself as well as to others!

Goole Play Music App ($9.99 per month) : I love listening to music and because I am in my car traveling a lot, this is a big necessity for me! I got this app when I still had my samsung galaxy and just downloaded the app onto my iPhone and it works great! For $9.99 a month you have access to over 35 million songs and can download them to your own library. From there you can make your own playlists, stream live music depending on your preferred genre as well as stream playlists specific to your preferred genre!


Any and all kinds! I am not a coffee drinker (minus flavoured specialty drinks from starbucks;)!) so I get my little caffeine boost from tea! My favourite tea for sure is Tim Hortons Steeped Tea with one milk, one sugar however I usually drink tea at least twice a day and I always like changing it up. My Favourite teas are Stash Honey & Vanilla Chamomile (Clayton calls it sleepy tea), David’s Tea Peppermint and any Tea with coconut!


Being in my car and traveling as much as I do, I couldn’t live without music! I always use my Google play app and that keeps me going for endless hours of music! I also love all kinds of music, folk, country, pop, rap, you name it!

My favourite artists currently are Adele (who doesnt!), Nathaniel Rateliff and The Wheel, Justin Bieber (I would have never thought I would say this but I became a belieber last year with his new album release and his numerous appearances on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke) and Rihanna!


Ive always been big into traveling, every since my parents took us to Australia when I am 16. On that trip I fell in love with scuba diving and that love has taken me around the world. I love the adventure of exploring an unknown city, learning  about a new culture, hearing a language I do not understand and falling in love with new surroundings.

The number one place on my bucket list?! South Africa!


This is something I have started to do recently when Ive had a long or stressful day and I can’t tell you how relaxing and soothing it is! One of my favourite things to do is treat myself to a Lush Bath Bomb or Bubble Bomb and enjoy the amazing scent surrounded by bubbles! Ladies, if you don’t do this, do yourself a favour and start! Time for yourself is one of the most important things you need to unwind and to recharge for whatever life sends your way!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Sarah xo




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