My Spring Trend Forecast

I am still in shock at how beautiful the weather has been this month so I wanted to take full advantage in pairing this cute drawstring dress and showcasing different ways to style it! I also wanted to share some of my predictions for the upcoming trends this spring!

I also have to apologize as I dropped my favourite lens a week ago, it is in getting repaired but I have been unable to take any nice closeups with the lens I currently have:( Fingers crossed it will be back in my hands in the next couple weeks!!

Layering of Jewelry & Clothing

I am such a huge fan of both of these trends and am so excited to wear several variations of this. I love throwing a cardigan over a dress or tshirt especially because our weather can be so unpredictable (us Canadians are use to layering 9mths out of the year!) You also have so much more flexibility with layering clothes including mixing patterns and colours.

Layering jewelry is going to be a huge trend this spring/summer and I absolutely adore this new combo from Eliasz & Ella, how cute is the pineapple necklace!! Try mixing metals with different shapes/stones, it will add dimension to your outfit and it is also a fun way to incorporate it into any outfit, a maxi dress, t shirt/jeans combo or a suit!


I lovvvve this colour as most of you probably already know, if this isn’t a trend this spring I am going to make it one;) My favourite thing about this colour is that you can literally pair it with any other colour and it looks amazing, orange, red, pink, navy and on and on!! I also love that is compliments so many skin tones whether you are fair, olive or dark this colour will look fab on you!


This is something I did not incorporate into my outfit however I think it is going to be THE colour this spring/summer. I am loving anything yellow these days and even adding the colour into my kitchen decor!

Wide Brim Hats

This was a big trend this winter and I definitely jumped on the band wagon. My prediction are this trend with carry right through spring and into the summer! From wool to straw and with so many variations, they compliment any hair style and face! I also love that there are so many colours available in this style, I have opted for more neutrals colours in order to be able to pair more outfits with them!

Flat Ankle Booties

These ankle booties have barely left my feet and I am hoping I don’t have to take them off until fall! This spring/summer I can see ankle booties being worn with maxi’s, t shirt dresses, shorts and a tee, you name it! I would recommend a more neutral colouring for these as well so you can maximize your outfit pairings! Also try and find some that stand out and are a bit different, whether they have some fringe or different leather detailing like these they are sure to be winners!

I have linked my outfit details below as well as some alternative options to these trends!

Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Sarah xo




Jack Jolene Drawstring Dress                   Alternative here & here

Lululemon Cardigan                                    Alternative here & here


Eliasz & Ella 36″ Necklace (In Store at Miss Boss) & Pineapple Necklace (sponsored)

Eliasz & Ella Dalmation Bracelet & Matte Black Bracelet (sponsored),


One Fated Knight King Bag                        Alternative here & here

Coconuts by Matisse Mead Booties         Alternative here & here

Wool Hat                                                          Alternative here & here

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