Eye Shadow Primer

Today I am talking about one of my favourite products and something I use every single day whether I am heading to work or running errands on the weekend!!! Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the shade Minor Sin.

First of all you may be wondering why in the heck you would need an eyeshadow primer?! Well just like your face needs a primer to hold your foundation and to increase its longevity, so do your eyes! If you are putting on eyeshadow of any kind, in my personal opinion you should apply an eyeshadow primer first. If you don’t, the shadow can have fall out or move around during the day which no girl wants! Also shadows are so expensive nowadays, you do not want the shadow you are applying to fall off!! Its more like protecting your investment;)

Now onto the primer itself. Urban Decay offers 4 different shades of this primer, Original, Anti Aging, Eden and Minor Sin. I have personally only tried the Original and Minor Sin and much prefer the shade of Minor Sin! The Minor Sin shade is a champagne pigment with a sheer shimmer. It is absolutely gorgeous and just enough to brighten those eyes! I wear this all day everyday and even on it’s own, its beautiful! I also love the applicator brush on these primers, I just finished my old minor sin which came out of a squeeze tube and much prefer this applicator. I use the brush to put the product on my eyelids and then use my finger to pat the product evenly over my lid!

I have attached a swatch below of what the shade looks like, keep in mind this is a lot of product and I barely use half of this amount on my eyes, I just wanted to show the pigment so you guys have an idea of the colour and shimmer!

Hope you guys have a great week!

Sarah xo




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