Tips For Organizing Your Closet

I cant say I am perfect when it comes to organizing in general but my closet is one thing I love to keep oragnized!

A clean and organized closet with allow you to fully utilize the pieces in your wardobe by having every article of clothing visible and accessible as well as make the morning rush a little less chaotic, you all know what I am talking about!!!

Here are some key points you should consider when organizing your closet!


Utilize the space you have, whether it is a large or small closet try to make use of every nook and cranny. I added these hooks for more space on either side of the closet and a great area for bags or scarves (or hats for the guys;)).  Also think above and below your hanging racks, can you fit a shoe rack or cubbies that would allow for additional storage space? Can you buy hangers with multiple hooks (I get mine from Winners) that allow you to maximize the space you have?!


Organizing By Articles

I divided my closet into sections, depending on your available space you should have one section for bottoms (pants/skirts), one section for tops (short sleeve/long sleeve/sweaters) and one section for dresses.

Now within these sections you should have sub sections, i know I am sounding a bit crazy but youll thank me later;) Within your pants sections organize your dress pants together then your jeans together then your skirts together. With you top section I like to go by sleeve length starting with short sleeve, long sleeve and lastly sweaters. Dresses I will organize by work vs casual dresses and you can even organize these from strapless, short sleeve to long sleeve!

Lets not forget about our accessories, I keep my bags organized from smallest to largest and my scarfs organized my pattern, plaid, patterns and plain.

This section even pretains to your jewelry! I keep all of daily earrings that I wear most in this holder and all of my bracelets and watches are organized on this divider.


Colour Coordination

This is probably the most important tip for keeping your closet organized and honestly it will make your life so much easier!! Within your sections and sub sections (lol) you need to colour code. Start with white and work your way along, brown/pink/red/blue/black etc. This should take only a little bit of time once you have your sub sections organized,you will love the result I promise!! It also makes your closet look soo pretty:)



Changing With The Season

Between spring/summer and fall/winter you should plan a day where your summer dresses/shorts/bathing suits are packed away in a see through plastic container (see through is key because you can always see whats in there when you go looking and if not a see through container, label it well!!) or your winter jackets, boots and heavy sweaters are packed away. This will again help you free up space and de clutter your closet!





I went to Walmart and bought all of the same hangers in the same colour, super cheap I believe it was $6 for 30! This way your clothes sit at the same height and everything looks uniform and put together!




Last but not least, getting rid of clothes you never wear!! This can be the least fun part however these pieces take up valuable space andyou will feel a weight lifted once you are finished. This should be done atleast once a year especially if your closet is feeling clutter. My rules for purging, if you havent worn it in a year, you are never going to wear it!! Key staples of your wardobe that you may only use a couple times a year keep in a bin or separate area that you can have easy access to. This will free up your closet space as well


Hope you enjoyed! xo


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