Liquid Lipsticks

It can be an impossible task to decide on what brand of liquid lipsticks to buy with so many options available, trust me I know;) and liquid lipsticks aren’t for everyone! Never tried a liquid lipstick?! My best description is a liquid form of lipstick that solidifies to your lips for a long lasting wear with no smudging or reapplication needed!

I hope this post will help to narrow down some of your selections, Ive based these reviews on quality of the products (longevity/pigment/consistency) and pricing!

Hope you enjoy! xo



Color Pop Cosmetics

This company is probably best known for their affordability. At $6 US, this liquid lipstick is the most inexpensive lipstick on this post and frankly an amazing deal at that price! I purchased the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Trap & Limbo (swatches below)! The pigments of both of these shades are gorgeous, they stay on really well and the consistency allows for a flawless application. One negative comment  I do have to mention is that they are very drying as most liquid lipsticks are. Try to use something moisturizing on your lips before application to minimize the dryness and a gloss can always be applied on top!




Anastasia Beverly Hills

I was so excited for this brand to finally be available at Sephora, I ran out and bought these two beauties. Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for their amazing products and I love their eyebrow line however these liquid lipsticks I am really disappointed with. The pigment is amazing however the fall out on these is terrible. After eating or drinking I had residue all over my mouth and when I tried to wipe it off it smeared everywhere!!! To say the least I was less than thrilled. Now that I have boughten these two I will still definitely use them however I won’t be eating while wearing them and I will not be buying more. I would not recommend them at their $26 price.




This is the new brand I was recently raving about on Instagram that I promised to share! On a stroll through Shoppers Drug Mart I stumbled across this liquid lipstick and I could not be happier! The pigment is so gorgeous, it is so hydrating and there is no fall out! I have worn this multiple times, all day and at the end of the day 98% of it is still on! This liquid lip does come in a bit higher at $31 however I truly believe it is worth the investment. I would not only recommend this brand but the shade Patina is stunning, the perfect dusty rose colour and it has become my everyday go to!




Too Faced Liquid Lipstick

If you follow me on instagram you know I am obsessed with this brand of liquid lipstick. There shades are lustrous, pigmented, hydrating and for $25 they are very reasonably priced for the quality you receive! I also adore the applicator tip, it allows for an easy application without wasting any product. I would highly recommend this brand of liquid lipstick to a liquid lipstick newbie or a seasoned professional!




Gerard Cosmetics

I found this brand through my endless instagram scrolling;)! What initially drew me to them was the fact that they are a cruelty free brand. They have a ton of following so I thought I would give them a whirl! I bought Ruby Slipper & Gravity, both gorgeous! I really love the consistency and the pigment but the price at $20US is a bit much especially considering the shipping and taxes as no Canadian retailers carry the line. I really love the products just not the price with the Canadian $ the way it is!




Heres a swatch comparing them together!






3 thoughts on “Liquid Lipsticks

  1. gracethen says:

    When I swatched the stila one at the Sephora counter I fell in love with it!! I didn’t but it since I had no money at that time 😦 I’d like to try the gerard one!


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