Styling A Bodysuit

Can we please take a moment to thank the hair gods for letting my hair grow to a length that I can finally curl it!!!! Yipeee!! No more justin bieber side part (well at least not everyday now)!!!

Haha any who! My last couple fashion posts have been pretty casual so I wanted to spice things up with this gorgeous bodysuit from Express Clothing. I am loving the criss-cross front that can be dressed up or dressed down and also adds a little sexiness..Oooo!!! Bodysuits have really come along way and are such a great alternative to a top.

I am a huge fan of body suits especially when it comes to work because tucking a shirt in all the time is super annoying and having the lines from your shirt show through your pants because its not perfectly flat and tucked, no thank you! Body suits are also very flattering and reasonably priced as well. It took me a while to find one I loved and I just recently was told that Express is carrying a whole line of bodysuits so I am sure I will be adding more to my collection! I have linked all of the outfit details below!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah xo




Bodysuit: Express Clothing

Jacket: Banana Republic

Skirt: Banana Republic

Handbag: Le Chateau

Jewelry: Eliasz & Ella

Shoes: Coach

Sunglasses: Aldo

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