My Top 5 Beauty Tool Must Haves

If I could only take 5 beauty tools to a deserted island with me these would be them!

Up first up, the Beauty Blender! In case you missed my full review on this amazing tool, click here! This is my ride or dye, the robin to my batman. I use the blender to apply my tinted moisturizer, foundation, concealer and my setting powder over my concealer! The key when using the blender is to use it damp and with dabbing motions! The damp blender allows for a flawless application and the dabbing allows the blender to push the product into your skin. This is a must for any makeup collection! I also coincidently just purchased a new blender as the one I used for the last two years was looking pretty ratchety!!!




Next up, a powder brush. This powder brush by Cover FX is  vegan, cruelty free and PETA approved. With a 5/5 rating on Sephora I could not resist trying it out and the ratings are bang on. It is soft, durable and I love the size of the bristles, perfect for full face application. I use it to apply any powders, including my setting powder, blush and powder foundation! It is higher on the pay scale at $50 however after using this for over 6mths, I would highly recommend it as an investment brush!




Third on the list is an angeled brush, an essential for any brush collection. I am obsessed with this brush and use it every day to apply my brows (which is an essential part of my morning;))! You can also use an angled brush for gel liner or eyeshadow application and fixing any lipstick mishaps! This brand has become my new favourite and this Morphe Brush I got through there monthly subscription. At only $2.99 (no that is not a spelling error) it is an amazing deal! I have been really impressed with the quality of this brand for such a low price point and would definitely recommend Morphe Brushes to anyone looking to add to their brush collection!




Coming in at #4, a dual eyeshadow brush. This Urban Decay Naked 2 Brush came with the Naked 2 palette and I use it to put on my eyeshadows every single day. The two in one is brilliant, blending on one end and an eyelid applicator on the other. I have used this brush for at least a year and it has yet to disappoint. There is an similar brush that can be bought individually here!




Lastly, an angled powder brush! My favourite is the Sigma Kabuki Angled Brush! I purchased this brush in a kit, the Kabuki Kit Brush Set and have used these brushes for almost 2 years now and they have not lost bristles or their shape! The kit, including 5 brushes was $90 and the brush by itself is $24, obviously a better deal with the kit but only by what  you need! I use this brush for all all of my contouring and bronzing application, allowing for precision application! You can tell how much I use the, by the barely visible label on the handle!




Hope you guys enjoyed!

Sarah xo


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