Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Double-Ended Mascara And Lash Primer

I wanted to review this Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara as soon as I had given it enough time to trial because it is Limited Edition!

You Guys!!! You neeeeeeeeeed to try this mascara, I am in Lovvvve!!!!!!!

I had been using Dior Mascara for several years and really was not happy with their latest version so I was on the hunt for a volumizing, lengthing mascara and primer and Ta-Da!!!! I found it! This mascara and primer in one does everything and more! Can you tell I am excited?!?! Reasons I love it:

  1. The 2 in 1 is perfect for travel and the combination of the two work brilliantly together!
  2. The Primer. I have come to really like priming my lashes before applying mascara (I used the Dior primer for the last couple years, it works great but it is really expensive) and this primer for this price is brilliant!
  3. The Mascara. It applies flawlessly and evenly giving you long, volumious, thick lashes!

Coming in at $24 I think it is priced very reasonably considering you are getting two products in one package. I have used this mascara everyday for almost two months now and I just love it! I have also struggled with the taking off some mascaras especially waterproof ones and I love face that I dont have to rub the crap out of my eyes to get it off!

If you guys are on the hunt for a new mascara  I would highly, highly recommend this mascara!

Sarah xo


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