Makeup Eraser Review

I have been looking for a makeup remover alternative for awhile and I saw this Makeup Eraser while I was standing in the checkout line at Sephora (they get in every time in those checkout lines)! I have used disposable makeup wipes for as long as I can remember (my favourite are the L’oreal Revitalift ones at Shoppers) but I have always felt very wasteful about using the makeup remover wipes and only getting one use out of one wipe. After some humming, hawing and googling  I had to give it a try! I decided to get the black colour (it also comes in pink) just to avoid seeing most of the makeup I had taken off. I am assuming the pink would show the makeup more!

Instructions on how to use:

  1. I followed the outline instructions and washed the cloth before my first use and laid flat to dry
  2. I then ran it under warm water until wet
  3. You then lightly rub the makeup off (it even takes off waterproof mascara!)

Note: The makeup eraser is washer and dryer friendly

My overall review of this product is that I absolutely love it!!! First off, it can be used and washed up to 1000 times so the $24 investment is well worth it! Especially considering a lot of makeup removers are expensive and the $$ adds up quite quickly when you use it every night! To be able to take off my makeup cleanly and without the use of chemicals is amazing!!! I will mention that my face did feel a bit dry after (this could also just be my skin) so you may want to use a good cleaner and moisturizer after your makeup has been taken off but that is the only negative I experienced when using this product!

I would highly recommend this product to any women looking to avoid the use of any chemicals when removing her makeup, reduce the amount of waste she is producing and have beautiful clean skin with a couple wipes of a damp cloth!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Sarah xo


5 thoughts on “Makeup Eraser Review

  1. Shelley says:

    I’ve been using this product for a few months now and love it! Went back to Sephora and bought a couple more so I’ve always got a clean one. Great recommendation!!


  2. Jessa says:

    Have you ever tried the Norwex facial cloths? I use them in the same way and have always been curious about the difference. Wonder if they are a dupe?


    • sarahpankiw says:

      I haven’t?! Are they the same kind of idea just wet and it takes the makeup off?! It could very well be a dupe! Are they pretty expensive?! How many washes do you get from one?!


      • Jessa says:

        Yes they are the same kind of idea, and a three pack is only $20. I usually get 2-3 washes out of them, Depending on how much makeup I have on.


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