Beach Vacation Essentials & Carry On Pack List

I can’t believe today is friday, this week has flown by!! In a few short days I will be baking in the Kauai sun on an amazing girls trip with my mom and I could not be more excited!! I will also be taking a break from the blog this coming week to fully enjoy my time off! This week was a bit rough as I have been really feeling under the weather these last couple days and have lacked energy to do anything!:(

I wanted to share how I pack my carry on luggage for my beach vacations and show you that you do not need to check luggage if you can find the time to organize and pack smart! I actually don’t remember the last time I checked luggage, the two longest trips Ive ever been on Thailand 4 weeks and Australia 4 weeks both Clayton and I only took carry on so it can be done!!

  1. First key to packing carry on, organize your outfits. Lay your clothes out on your bed, at the bottom start with pants then move on to coordinate shirts and other attire that goes with those outfit colour coordinating patterns and colours, 3 pairs of pants and 3 shirts should all be able to work together and give you 9 possible outfit ideas!
  2. Second Key, wear your heaviest clothes on the plane (sweater, jeans or pants, running shoes, scarf etc)
  3. Third essential for packing is roll all of your clothes and use every square centimetre of space (inside shoes, under bras etc) I have shown my steps below and at the end I half almost a full side of unused space for some shopping purchasing I may have!!
  4. Your second piece of luggage that you are aloud to take on the plane should be a large purse or smaller sized duffle bag (I always use my Stella & Dot Expandable Getaway Bag). Keep your purse in this bag as well as headphones and other things you may want to access on the plane. That way you can have some additional space in there if your luggage fills up!
  5. Keep your liquids in a small ziplock bag and in your carry on purse, that way it is easily accessible through security. (Remember the 100ml limit for all liquids!)

I have attached the packing list I created for myself to remember all the key essentials for a beach vacation as well as shared some pictures of the items I am packing for my trip!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to reconnecting when I am back in a week!!

Sarah xo


Clothing I Packed

  • 3 pairs of shorts (jean, white and linen)
  • 2 Dressy Dresses (Coral and Olive Green)
  • 1 Casual Romper
  • 3 Flowy Tanks (patterned)
  • 2 Beach Cover ups (1 Romper and 1 Kimono)
  • 3 Bathing Suit Tops and 3 Bathing Suit bottoms , 1 one piece suit (all can be paired together)
  • For shoes I packed one pair of flip flops, dressy gold wedges and one pair of gladiator sandals (they all work with every outfit)
  • For Bags I packed one cross body bag and one clutch (both match all of my outfits)


Tassel Clutch                                               Tassel Romer                                  Tassel Beach Cover Up



Gold Wedge Sandals                                      Straw Hat                                                   Pineapple Bag



Old Navy Shorts                    White Shorts                    Peplum Top                      Striped Peplum 


Makeup I Packed

Beach Travel Packing List





2 thoughts on “Beach Vacation Essentials & Carry On Pack List

  1. ClassicMaggie says:

    Looks like you’ve packed all the essentials!

    Have an amazing time in Kauai! Hawaii in general is one of my favourite places on earth, but Kauai is so special. Have you been before?


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