$8 Sephora Rose Face Mask

My skin has been acting up a bit lately so I decided it was time to try out this Sephora Collection Rose Face Mask! Truthfully I am not a big mask person, I rarely use them and Im not really sure why! Awhile ago I invested in a glamglow face mask and was not thrilled with the results and those puppies aren’t cheap so that may be why! But any who at $8 this mask was a no brainer!

The mask itself comes in a peel away package and you are left with an outline of a face that you align with your face (as you can see in the pictures lol)! I have to say it was a little slimy at first but I ended up really liking this mask. The scent is beautiful and when I did take it off after the 15minutes it instructed I was really happy with how my skin felt! Im not sure if I noticed a definite brightening affect but nonetheless was still happy with the results!

This Rose Mask is for Ultra Hydrating and Brightening which I thought was perfect for the summer months however the Sephora Collection has a variety of 8 different kinds of masks, all at this price range and all for different results i.e. tightening, anti blemish etc. They also have a variety of eye and lip masks as well!

I would definitely recommend these masks for anyone looking to give their skin a little pick me up and not completely break the bank in the process!!

Hope you guys have a great week!

Sarah xo

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