Winged Eye Liner

This is by far my biggest and best kept beauty secret, my beloved wings! Out of all of the questions I get asked, this is by far the most common. Women want to know how to get this look, in a reasonable amount of time and with the best product, well I am sharing all of this and more with you today!!! Virtual High Five!!

First, lets talk about the liquid liner itself. The ONLY liquid eyeliner I use (and have used for about 5 years now) is the Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner in Black. This product is my ride or die, no joke I keep at least two with me just in case the other runs out. The beautiful thing about a winged eyeliner is you can wear it with very basic makeup look or it is the perfect finishing touch on a high glam look.

The key to sharp and beautiful wings is the liner you are using, the tip needs to be pointed and the product cannot build up on the tip otherwise you will never be able to achieve a straight line. The Amaterasu liquid liner  has the best tip I have ever used, it is SO pigmented (black as black can get), will not smudge and it stays on all day with no need to touch it up. The other reason I love this product so much is because it lasts. I will use this liquid eyeliner every day monday to friday and most saturdays and it will last me a good 7 months. Now please keep in mind every application is different, depending on how many coats you apply and how aggressive you are in your application your usage will vary, Amaterasu recommends the product lasting 3-4mths. This product comes in at $30 CAD, such an amazing deal and the reason why I will never use another liquid liner. Oh and another bonus… their Canadian!!

On a side note, if a wing is not your cup of tea, use this liquid eyeliner on the very base of your eyelid where your lashes meet your lid to accentuate your lashes for a bolder look!

Ok now onto application!

First step:

The wing liner should span up and out towards the tip of your brow. Use your liquid liner to map out where the line of the wing will go.



Second Step:

Pointing the tip of the liner towards your brow, figure out how long you would like the wing to be (I usually go about half way between my outer eye and the tip of my brow). For a more dramatic look go further out towards your brow. (Ps how crisp is that liner tip… drool!) Once you have figured out the right length for you, go ahead and draw the line from the middle to the outer corner of your eye as shown below.




Third Step:

Now take your liquid liner and point it into your tear duct and draw a line from your tear duct over the shape of your eyelid. You can also make this line as thin or thick as you want depending on the look you are going for!



Fourth Step:

Now you are going to go back to your outer line crease, pointing your liquid liner tips towards your brow again you are going to connect your lines from the tip to the lid line by placing the liquid liner tip on the outer line and dragging it down and across your lid.



The Fifth and Final Step:

Using your liquid liner fill in the lines!



Ta Da!!


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