Baby Pankiw

We are expecting!!!!! We could not be more excited to share the news with you guys!! Let me tell you it has been so difficult not to spill the beans and just confess that the reason Ive been so absent on here was because of the morning sickness and fatigue haha but we wanted to wait until we had our first ultrasound to make sure baby was ok!!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and it was so surreal, seeing babys heartbeat and watching it move and kick around I was in complete awe, such a little miracle! Baby P’s official due date is December 26th (poor kid!!) and I am feeling amazing so far, week 7 & 8 were definitely the hardest but once I started taking my prenatal in the evening I have felt so much better and no more morning sickness!! Yay! I do feel a bit tired in the evenings and am eating like a horse but feeling so blessed to have this little miracle growing inside of me .

Getting pregnant definitely wasn’t the experience I thought it would be. First off it took us almost a year of trying before Baby P came to be and this was definitely starting to take its toll on me emotionally and physically, so much so we had consulted our doctor and were actually in the process of being referred to the Fertility Clinic when we found out we were expecting! So Crazy!!! This whole experience has made me so grateful to be pregnant and truly appreciate what an unbelievable blessing it is.

Lastly I have to give HUGE credit to some amazing people who helped us create these beautiful photos!! First off our photographer Kristy of Wild Love Photos, AMAZING!! If you are looking for an amazing photographer in the area I highly recommend you get in touch with Kristy!! Rakhee from Blushed Beaute for doing my makeup! If you have any special event/wedding/engagement that you need to get beautified for, Rakhee is your girl!!! Glitz Tanning for my perfectly all natural spray tan and last but most certainly not least Callingwood Flowers for the amazing bouquet and floral crown!! Callingwood Flowers did our flowers for our wedding photos, first anniversary photos and now our pregnancy announcement photos and the flowers speak for themselves!!









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