Morphe Elite Collection Brushes

I started buying Morphe Brushes when they first started offering their monthly brush program, $20US including shipping to Canada and they would send you their feature brushes of the month. After receiving several months worth of brushes I decided I had more brushes than I would ever use and frankly would rather buy the brushes I needed vs getting similar brushes or brushes I already had! After watching a couple youtube videos and knowing I needed a larger face powder brush and blush brush I decided to look at the Morphe Elite Collection.

I ended up ordering the E2 Round Powder Brush and the E4 (which is currently out of stock but should be back up soon).

I am in love with these brushes! The first thing I always test on a brush is texture and feel on the skin. These brushes fit the bill perfectly with their large, soft bristles that graze beautifully on the skin. The other thing I love about these brushes is their size, the are the biggest brushes I own and are perfect for any powder application. I specifically love the angeled E4 blush/contour brush, I’ve never had a brush apply blush so well!  I have to say out of all the Morphe Brushes, the elite collection quality and texture will be the only line I will continue to buy oh and did I mention they are extremely reasonable priced! The E2 is $11.99 and the E4 is $10.19, such an amazing deal for the quality!!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Sarah xo


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