Nude Lips

One trend I am currently obsessing over is nude lips! Nude lips can take you from day to night and can be easily changed by applying a gloss overtop for a warmer or glossier finish. You can also change the hue but adding a pinker or warmer lip liner underneath!

Nude lips can be also be tricky to achieve especially when trying to  find the right shade to match your skin tone and avoid washing out your skin tone. As someone with fair skin, I tend to avoid very nude cool colours and try to find shades with a hint of warmth or pink as you can tell in my choices below! For people with darker skin tones, very nude shades like Mac Jubilee or Mac Myth would be stunning!

I was immediately drawn to these three shades and purchased them when MAC was offering 15% off!

Hope you enjoy!

Sarah xo


From Top to Bottom: Mac Hue, Mac Majesty and Mac Blankety



Top to Bottom: Hue, Blankety, MajestyIMG_9209

Left to Right: Hue, Majesty, BlanketyIMG_9212

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