Our Gender Reveal Party

We are still sitting on cloud nine from last weeks events and we could not be more excited to be expecting a baby boy!!!! If you missed the video, it is on Boots & Bassets Facebook Newsfeed!

Many people thought we knew what we were having but we actually had no idea! At our 3D ultrasound (UC Baby was amazing, highly recommend them!) we had asked the tech to keep it a surprise so we could share the reveal with our families and friends! She did an amazing job and we were able to see all the amazing little features of sweet baby, fingers and toes, little arms and long legs!! The ultrasound tech is convinced we are going to have a tall, big baby!! Once the ultrasound was finished she gave us an envelope with an ultrasound picture that determined the sex of the baby. We drove directly to our friends home to drop of the envelope. We had Brooke (Sabrina’s daughter, Owner of Miss Boss here in Edmonton) do our cake and it was absolutely delicious (she’s 11 years old and seriously amazing!!!)

When we initially decided this is what we wanted to do, we wanted to keep it small and also informal, an after dinner dessert kind of party. It ended up being perfect, as soon as everyone arrived it was cake cutting time!!! To share this news with our loved ones meant the world to us and we are so blessed and grateful to have such love for this little guy!

Hope you guys have a great week and thank you so much for all the congratulations and well wishes it truly is overwhelming and means so much to us! xoxo






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