Nursery Inspiration

I am 19 weeks as of this last Sunday and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by, almost half way there!! Its so crazy and overwhelming to think in less than 21 weeks little turtle will be making his appearance, ekkk!!! Overall ive been feeling great, a little less energy but I also equate that to the insane amount of traveling I’ve been doing this past month and still have the appetite of a teenage boy! I am also very very patiently (not!!) waiting to feel him! At our last ultrasound the tech mentioned I have an anterior placenta and it may take a bit longer to feel movement. Ive felt bubbles and some cramping which I thought may have been movement but can’t know for sure as I have no idea what I am suppose to feel!!

Any who, we have been slowly picking away at turtle’s nursery, we have finally chosen colours and a theme, yay!! The theme colours are a light mint, navy blue, grey and white and we wanted a world/dinosaur theme!! My husband is infatuated with Dinosaurs and hopes our little man will be too! Theres still a couple more things I am working on including a wall collage for above the dresser (if you follow me on snapchat you’ll know! @scpankiw) and trying to decide on what wall stickers (Check out Urban Walls for inspiration) I am going to put up on the wall behind the crib but otherwise its just such a wonderful thing and gets me even more excited for his arrival!!

Below I have linked all the shops, most of the things we have bought on here and some we are still waiting to purchase but I couldn’t help but put a little collage together to celebrate the theme of his nursery and upcoming arrival!!

Hope you guys have a happy hump day!

Sarah xo



Run Barefoot Print

World Map Print

Ikea Hemnes Dresser

Shermag Crib

T Rex Print

Top Knot Style Luxe Blanket

Sproutling Co Baby Mobile

Dinosaur Bedding

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