Current Drugstore Favourites

I am starting to realize more and more that it is not always necessary to buy high end, expensive beauty products. Brands such as Morphe Brushes, Nyx Cosmetics,  L’Oreal Paris and many others have made buying cosmetics products very reasonable and the quality uncompromised.

These are a few of the drugstore products that I am loving and using all the time!


First up the foundations. I have been rotating between the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation (which I have talked about before) and the L’Oreal True Match Foundation for the last 6 weeks and I am in love with them both! I tend to gravitate towards the True Match for a more natural finish and on days when I will be out in the sun as it does have a 17 SPF. I reach for the Infallible foundation when I am looking for a more matte, neutral finish! Both retail around the $15 mark and are awesome examples of not having to spend a lot of money to achieve a beautiful and effective foundation. For the Infallible Foundation I mix the 102 and 103 shades and for the True Match I am W3 (nude beige).

Left: True Match W3 and Right is Infallible 102. You can see the 102 is a bit lighter and cooler so this is why I add a bit of 103 for some warmth!


Next up is this Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil for hydration and revitalization of dry cuticles. I have started using this oil a couple times a week or when my cuticles are noticeable dry and what a difference it has made. Since getting my gel nails off and not having that regular maintenance done every couple weeks this product has been my savour. It smells amazing and also gives my nails a nice sheen as well. It retails for around $8 and a little goes a long way, so it is worth the investment. If you are like me and suffer from dry, yucky cuticles I highly recommend this product!!

You all know I am brow crazed but some days I do not have the energy or time to put on a full brow, this is when I reach for my NYX Tinted Brow Mascara. This product goes on just like mascara on your brows (hence the name) and adds some fullness and colour to otherwise dull brows. It is a super fast application for those days when you are in a rush but still want some brow definition! I use the shade Black-Brown Black. I would highly recommend this product for brow crazies like me who sometimes want a quicker and easier alternative!

Lastly the L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara #335. I have been using this mascara for the last couple months and am in love! This mascara is so black, I love using it for more dramatic looks or with absolutely no makeup to give those eyelashes some pop. I am still loving my Tarte Mascara however it is not waterproof so I am also reaching for the Voluminous mascara for events or days were I know I may be out in the sun. There are several variations of the Voluminous Mascara including not waterproof and various shades of black/brown so I would definitely recommend sticking to the Carbon Black for seriously black eyelashes!

Hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown and have a fabulous week!

Sarah xo

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