DIY Wicker Baskets

I did a little DIY for turtle’s nursery so I wanted to share with you guys as I am thrilled with the results! His nursery colours are a light mint, navy blue and grey so I wanted to incorporate that into these baskets!

Items you will need.

Wicker basket (I got these from Michaels as they are currently 40% off!)

Spray paint in desired colour (I used Krylon Paint & Primer in Catalina Mist and Oxford Blue)

Green painting tape (home depot)

Clear plastic garbage bag


Next up I cut strips of clear garbage bags to surround the outer and inner top half of the wicker basket. I painted a little less than half of the bottom, the amount you choose totally up to you!



Lastly I let them sit in the sun for an hour to fully dry! Ta Da!! It’s a great way to cut costs and add some colour without shelling out a fortune for colourful baskets!

Hope you enjoyed!

Sarah xo



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