10 Fun Relationship Facts

It’s hubby’s birthday today so I am celebrating with this post, 10 fun facts about our relationship!!

1. We met through a mutual friend at a BBQ, what connected us?! My pink motorcycle helmet;) We dated for two years before we got engaged and were married quite young at 23 but haven’t looked back since!

2. Making each other laugh I think is our best quality as a couple. We rarely argue but when we do, one of us always ends up cracking a joke or making the other smile.

3. We truly are homebodies, we would rather cuddle up with Cali in bed and watch a movie than do anything else!

4. We are both procrastinators which sometimes gets us into trouble!!

5. Clayton is the calm one in the relationship, I tend to be a bit dramatic sometimes (as does Cali haha) I am also very stubborn where as clayton lets things go way easier than I do!!

6. I love banana pancakes for breakfast on the weekend, Clayton prefers A & W breakfast!!

7. Initially Clayton was not interested in traveling, at all. I told him if we were going to be together, I was going to travel and leave him behind! So he finally agreed to go ahead and book our first trip to Cuba, funny enough he is now the one who books our trips;) We’ve now covered Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba and a couple cities in the States! Up next, South Africa or Europe!!

8.  My favourite ice-cream is bubble gum, Clayton’s is Tiger with bubble gum coming in a close second!!

9.  Clayton is obsessed with Dinosaurs, hence the nursery theme! He is already planning our trips to Drumheller for when Turtle is old enough! I prefer Elephants or Whales;)

10. Basset Hounds are our favourite breed, whenever we see one we are instantly drawn to them and have to go in for a pet. One day we will hopefully be able to bring another one (or two home;))





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