My Active and Healthy Pregnancy Tips

As we are closing in on 31 weeks I can’t help but be thankful for the healthy pregnancy I have had so far. I believe I have definitely had some luck on my side but I also believe Ive taken some measures to help keep my body healthy and comfortable growing mr turtle!

By no means was I in tip top shape when I got pregnant. I worked out at home maybe a couple times a week and my goal throughout the pregnancy was to maintain this. As I’ve gotten bigger Ive noticed it takes a lot more energy to do tasks and workouts I had no problem doing earlier or before pregnancy. So realistically now it is more like weight training 2x a week with stretching/yoga 4-5 days a week. Stretching has been a huge positive that I have added to my routine, especially for my back. There are some great resources online that breakdown safe ways to stretch while pregnant. I have also been using a lot of the youtube videos for Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal workouts, its cheap cheap and a great resources with tons of different exercises that are safe for your pregnant body.

Another resource that I have dedicated myself to is visiting Chiropractor. As soon as I found out I was expecting I knew I wanted to keep up on adjustments especially later in pregnancy. I started initially going every 4 weeks, later this summer I switched to everyday 2nd week and recently I have transitioned to once a week. Later in pregnancy, your body releases the hormone relaxin and this causing bones and muscles to shift in order to prepare for baby so I just felt my body needed the weekly visits and oh do they help!! If you are in the Edmonton Area, I see Dr Dave Brisbin at Brisbin Family Chiropractic in Sherwood Park. I have seen Dr Dave for over 5 years now and actually worked for him while in University so there is no one I would trust more than him and his staff with my body and my baby! I will also be taking turtle to see Dr Dave once he is born!

To go along with my adjustments I have also been seeing my massage therapist once a month. Another aid to help the body’s aches and pains as it prepares for baby’s arrival! Also in the Edmonton Area is Tracey McMahon. She runs her own business out of her home and she is an absolute miracle worker!

Ofcourse eating healthy would be one too. That being said I have not gone without my cravings and indulgences! I think its all about finding a balance, 80% healthy and 20% not so healthy! Indulge in your cravings but in small portions and try to keep the remainder of your meals and snacks on the healthy side!

Lastly I would recommend to stay hydrated and I mean hydrated. I have noticed I am less sore and have more energy if I am really hydrated. That being said I stop drinking any fluids at 7pm to avoid hourly visits to the washroom throughout the night!!

I hope this post has helped give you some ideas on staying active and healthy throughout your pregnancy!

Sarah xo



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