Pregnancy Update – 31 Weeks

I was fortunate enough to spend this past week and weekend with my mom and aunt here in Calgary! We took advantage of the work week ahead we had in Calgary and decided some girls time was a must!

Sunday was forecasted to be a beautiful day so we decided we should head to Canmore for the day. We had brunch at the Crazy Weed in Canmore (highly recommend), I had the French Toast and it was absolutely to die for! After walking around the river and snapping some pictures, we decided an impromptu trip to Banff was in order. The Christmas Shop and Fudgery were calling my name!!! It was such a great way to spend the weekend and made the work week in ahead a little less painful;) Throughout the week we also visited some great locally owned restaurants in Calgary including Rea’s and Broken Yolk, I would highly recommend all of them! Ive shared some pictures from some of the restaurants (I was obviously on a french toast kick;))

Pregnancy wise Ive been feeling great, still making several trips to the washroom throughout the night but other than that the time is flying by! We are closing in on 32 weeks and turtle is moving more than ever! Ive noticed his movements are definitely getting stronger and he consistently has dance parties around 2am and 430am;) Ive been continuing chiropractic and massage which I swear is the reason I feel so good. I have however noticed my body shifting more in the recent weeks, it must be preping for birth… ahhh!!!! In preparation for birth I have also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea which is suppose to help the uterus and other female organs prep for labour, at this point whats the harm and if it helps, yah!! Weekly baths with lavender epson salts has also become a much needed part of my routine.

Fashion wise I am finding myself reaching more for comfy and functionality than anything. C’est Moi leggings and oversized sweaters have become a staple and are really a must for any pregnant women!! I am still trying to avoid maternity clothes as much as possible and this combo makes it so easy and doable!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoy all of the halloween festivities!!

Sarah xo




French Toast from Crazy Weedfullsizerender_1fullsizerender

French Toast from Bro’kin Yolkfullsizerender_2dsc_0376dsc_0390

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