Cash’s Birth Story

I have been a  little MIA lately, we welcomed our son, Cash David John Pankiw on January 4th weighing 8 pounds, 5 ounces!! We have been relishing in everything newborn baby and loving every second of it! Ive had so many inquiries about Cash’s  arrival that I wanted to share the best day of our lives with you all!

Cash’s original due date was Dec 25th, so after deciding he was not going to come on his own I was scheduled for an induction on January 3rd. I was induced using cervadil at 830am and started to experience very light cramping around 4pm. By 730pm the contractions were so intense, it was time to head to the hospital! I can’t even tell you what was going through my mind on that 10minute car ride! First off, it felt like a 45minute drive and I was so nervous, excited and scared I could barely think straight!! By the time we got back to the induction and assessment department I was begging for the epidural, I have never felt that kind of pain before (all the power to the mamas who go through labour medication free!!) Thankfully within a half hour of arriving, I was wheeled into the delivery room and my god sent (anesthesiologist) had started the epidural. I originally had hoped for an unmedicated birth but those wishes went straight out the window when the sensation of a knife being driven into my ovaries started!!

Once the epidural kicked in, i was in heaven. I stayed comfortable until about 245am when the epidural started to wear off. Our nurse checked and Cash’s head was down and it was time to push! That moment was so surreal, the time had finally come for him to join the world!! Pushing was by far my favourite part of the entire labour, it gave me a purpose and something to focus on. I pushed for about 40minutes and at 330am our little Cash entered the world. It was the most amazing and surreal experience of my life, he was here and I was a mom. I don’t think I have ever cried as hard as I did when they laid him on my chest. In that moment our lives changed forever. I watched my husband become a dad, my parents become grandparents and our siblings and friends become aunts and uncles. I also have to commend  my hubby for being so amazing, he was such a rock through the delivery and has been beyond amazing supporting and caring for us both<3

Post delivery, two things I was adamant on (as long as we were both healthy) was immediate skin to skin and delayed cord clamping. I got an amazing 10-15 minutes with him skin to skin before Clayton cut the cord! I also requested the placenta be packed up as I knew I wanted to have it encapsulated (I will update you on this as I continue to take them!)

Overall, our whole experience at the Royal Alex was amazing. All of the staff, nurses and doctors were fantastic and I can’t thank them enough for bringing our son into the world and keeping us both safe and healthy!

Since his birth, he did have a small stint of jaundice which was so scary for us newbie parents but he was such a champ and only had to spend 24hrs under the photo therapy lamps. He is also such a great baby, he only cries when he’s hungry or needs a change! We are breastfeeding (i will talk more about this in another post as i have faced some difficulty because of my breast reduction surgery) and topping up with formula however I am still hoping with the help of supplements I will be able to exclusively breastfeed. As much as I miss sleep, I am cherishing every single moment with him as I know in too soon of time he will grow up.

I also want to thank our friends and family who have been so supportive in helping make this transition period so smooth! I am hoping within the week to get back to blogging and sharing all of our experiences with you guys!

Sarah xo




2 thoughts on “Cash’s Birth Story

  1. Amanda RG says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us!! When I saw on Instagram the induction process I started – I just clutched my fists with pain memory!! I did the same as you – got the epidural as soon as I could and it too had worn off by the time my twins were ready. But that break was needed! And pushing was a great focus! So happy everything went well for you all! He is gorgeous! Congrats!


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