Bath Time With OneBerrie

We were so excited to have Cash’s first bath at home after having two in the hospital with his stint of jaundice and I could not have been more happy and relieved to have partnered with OneBerrie to share their No Fuss Bath Towel!

Made from necessity by a Canadian mama, the OneBerrie fuss free towel offers the most functional and versatile towel on the market for your little babe. The bamboo terry and cotton combination offers such a soft and absorbent material to keep your babe dry and warm (this was one of my biggest concerns bathing a newborn, I hated the thought of him being cold!). It is also the only towel on the market that can grow with your babe, from newborn to toddler, this towel can be used in multiple ways to cradle your little one to keep them warm and the parents dry!

I would highly recommend this towel to any mama out there as well as suggest this towel as an awesome gift for those mama’s or soon to be mamas in your life! I truly will not bath our little Cash without it!

Sarah xo

Sponsored Post by OneBerrie


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