New Mom Essentials

We are creeping up on 3 weeks with our little man and the time is seriously flying by!! Its so hard to believe that after waiting over 10mths for his arrival he is here and we are parents!! These first three weeks have been amazing but that being said they have also been tough. Trying to establish somewhat of a routine, both cash and I learning the ins and outs of breastfeeding, sleepless nights and exhaustion, all of which make me so thankful for the support of my hubby and our friends and family.

That being said there have also been several products that I have been so thankful to have in these first three weeks of Cash’s life, items that have made our lives so much easier! Ive listed all of them down below and hope they help any new mama or soon to be mama with the tough decisions of what to have on hand and what maybe isn’t essential or necessary to start off!

Hope you enjoy!

Sarah xo


I knew from the second I was pregnant I wanted to breastfeed but I knew because of my reduction surgery that it would likely be challenging. After reading a ton of reviews and listening to a lot of mamas on my baby groups I decided on the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump. This pump has been amazing. In combination with the Medela bustier bra it allows me the flexibility to pump on the go, hands free (seriously the best!!) I am working really hard on establishing my supply and this pump has helped tremendously. Although it is pricey, it is worth every penny. You can also find some great used ones as well for the price conscious mama!



Another new mom essential that is critical regardless of how you are feeding your baby is a nursing pillow! We went with the original Boppy Nursing Pillow and love it! A saviour for your arm and back, it is an essential I use at every single feeding, not only for my comfort but for Cash’s as well!


4moms Rockaroo – When we were deciding on what swing to get our little babe, I wanted something well made that would last us more than one baby if we wanted it to and after reading a ton of reviews we decided on the mid range rockaroo by 4moms. So far, cash loves it and sleeps away hours in it! I also personally couldn’t justify the  price of the high end Rockaroo as this one does the job!




Lullaby Baby Nest – This has been a life saver. We originally wanted something we could put either in bed with us or right beside us and also something we would be able to bring with us on any long days or overnight trips, this baby nest fits all of the above! I also love the variety of fabric choices and the fact that it is made by a momma right here in Edmonton!



Wildbird Ring Sling Carrier or Beluga Baby Wrap– If you have a newborn and do not have a carrier I suggest you stop what you are doing and go buy one right away!! I wear Cash all of the time and love the fact that I can have him right against me and I can still have both hands free to do things around the house!


I featured the OneBerrie Fuss Free Towel in my last post and had to mention it again because of how much we love it! We’ve used this towel for every bath  so far  and I could not have been more happy to have it, especially for a newborn. The unique design allows for the towel to be wrapped around your neck so baby is covered on his/her front and back and you can then unhook the button to lay baby flat! Oneberrie also offers customizable towels, perfect for a baby shower gift and it is designed to be used from newborn to toddler! Did I mention it is designed and made by another Canadian mama!


Lastly is our kick ass diaper bag, the Lassig Diaper Bag. After several friends recommended this bag we knew it would be great for us both to use and it has not dissapoionted. It comes in some beautiful colour options and is not only made with eco friendly material, it is stylish, water repellant, features multiple compartments, zip pouch, changing mat and an insulated bottle holder! I would highly recommend this to any mama looking for a great diaper bag!


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