February Favourites

The fact that February is over is a testament to how fast my life has been flying by recently! Becoming a mom has been the most amazing thing I have ever experienced however it is not without its challenges. Also having a husband start shift work up north has tested my resilience, patience and the ability to function on minimal sleep haha! That being said  we are all doing so great, enjoying every day even if most days we don’t get out of our pjs, that is why this month it is all about the basics. These are all items i have used religiously this past month!

Hope you enjoy!

Sarah xo


Z Supply Camo Tee /Z Supply Courier Pant

This is one of my favourite brands not only because they are reasonable priced but because they create comfortable, function pieces that are awesome for a new mom needing comfort and durability!

Lululemon Align Pant

I bought these pants almost a year ago before my trip to Hawaii and I am still so in love with them. They are so soft and the perfect pant for a mom avoiding those pre pregnancy jeans!!

Sugi Tree Bath Potions

I took my first bath as a mom before Clayton left to go out of town and I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed it, not only because it was 30minutes to myself but because this bath potion made it even more relaxing and enjoyable. I am so in love with this company, all of their products are hand crafted in Toronto and available now at Miss Boss here in Edmonton. Lastly and my most favourite part of supporting this company is that they donate 10% of each purchase to the Toronto Humane Society, Ontario SPCA, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, Wildlife Rescue Association of BC and World Wildlife Fund. How amazing is that!!! Go buy a batch or two, they also make great gifts!!

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara Primer

If I am putting on any makeup, mascara is one of those things I always reach for for even a minimal slap on of makeup! I became a fan of mascara primer when I first tried the Dior primer however the pricetag was less than ideal so I then graduated to the Tarte primer and now this drugstore primer, and it is one word, amazing! Keep an eye out for a mascara primer comparison coming to the blog soon!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

This is a product I keep on me at all times. My lips have been so dry lately and I use it in conjunction with the lip scrub for flawless, hydrated lips!

Kate Spade Planner

I feel like I am already behind this year, so many things I want to do and ideas I have but lately with an 8 week old tied to me, its been harder than I thought to have that me time to do anything but nurse, change diapers and have the occasional shower! Enter the planner. I love being able to plan ahead, write down ideas for posts and have a schedule ahead of time. I have to capitalize on the time i do have and this helps me organize and delegate my time accordingly!

Rebecca King 3 Way Sweater

This sweater is life. I am a huge fan of the Saskatchewan designer and this sweater I have lived in since giving birth. The material is beautiful and flattering, something I can throw on with jeans or leggings and feel put together which is really nice these days!!

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo

Lastly, this is a product I could not have lived without these last two months. With Clayton being away I don’t get any me time including showering without company so the 2, 3, 4 day old hair has had to do and this product makes it doable!

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