Placenta Encapsulation

I should start this post off by saying that there is no scientific evidence to prove that placenta encapsulation does have positive effects, just what mothers have experienced and shared. This is why I wanted to share my experience for those that may be on the fence or want to learn more about it! This post is not sponsored in any way only my experience and opinion!

There are several reasons I decided to go ahead with encapsulating my placenta.

  1. First off, I think our bodies are so unbelievably bad ass. The placenta is the only transient organ that the body produces and then discards. It also acts as more than one organ, lungs to provide the baby with oxygen, kidneys to filter and an immune system to protect. So not only do women grow and birth human beings, we also make organs!!
  2. When I started doing research I found it interesting that there are so many mammals that eat their placenta. I see mammals as very simple creatures, doing what they need to survive and flourish and no more so I thought if they do this for their own benefit maybe we should too!
  3. Ingesting your placenta has been said to enhance your milk supply, increase energy, and balance your hormones. It may also decrease postpartum bleeding, assist in a quicker recovery from birth, increase your levels of iron, assist in contraction of the uterus and may assist in avoiding those baby blues that so many women suffer form.
  4. Lastly, I figured if it did have any positive affects on my hormones, milk supply or energy level, it was worth taking.

After asking around and doing some more research I reached out to Trudi Rumball of Roots of Life here in Edmonton. I asked her some questions and ultimately decided that this was for me and that I would go ahead with it. I highly recommend reaching out to Trudi if you do have any questions or concerns, I’ve linked her website here.

Now the process itself. We notified Trudi when I went into labour and after I had given birth. After I had delivered we asked the nurses to store the placenta and Trudi came to pick it up that morning. The encapsulation process took a day and she delivered the capsules to my home the following morning! The capsules come with instructions as well, when to take them, when not to take them and how many to take so you don’t have to worry about that, the instructions are very clear and concise!

Overall my experience with placenta encapsulation was a very positive one! I experienced no postpartum depression, my bleeding subsided after a week (although I was still very sore), my milk supply has been amazing consider my reduction surgery (I am also taking herbal supplements) and my energy level has been amazing since giving birth, considering all of the sleepless nights! Now I cannot say forsure that this is due to taking the capsules however I definitely believed they helped forsufre! I would recommend women do their research on this, although it may not be for everyone its worth looking into!

Sarah xo

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