Hair Evolution – Techniques To Growing Out Your Hair

For those of you who have recently started following the blog, I have been in the process of growing out my shaved head since July of 2015! In Feb 2015 I shaved my head to support my dad going through cancer treatment. It has been a slow and painful process but we are getting there! Ive had a lot of questions about getting through the tough phases of growing out a buzz cut or short pixie so I thought Id put together a compilation of products and techniques I have used throughout the last year!

My first big tip, find a great hairstylist! If you are in the Edmonton area Taylor of Hair Color and Soul is amazing, there is no one else I would let shave my head and help me grow it out!! Her Facebook page is linked here 

Must Have Hair Products

Pureology Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner is my ride or die. I have used it for years to keep my hair conditioned and healthy and the last couple years have been no exception. The pureology line is sulphate free and 100% vegan. I have tried several other lines and nothing has even come close to giving my hair the healthy shine and strength that Pureology has given it. Healthy hair grows fast, period! If you are finding your hair damaged or breaking it may be time to look for a new shampoo and conditioner. Pureology also have a huge line of systems for strength, volume and fade resistant colouring products so you are sure to find a system that works best for you and your hair! I would highly highly recommend getting a travel size bottle and trying it out, I can pretty much guarantee you will love it!

When my hair was long enough to lay flat I used Kevin Murphy’s Free Hold (medium hold) styling pomade. This stuff is genius if you have super short hair that needs structure and to stay in place without looking hard or greasy.

When my hair was long enough to curl I started using this Kevin Murphy Easy Rider Anti Frizz styling pomade. It has a great hold but not as structured as the previous and frizz free which was extra important for curls.

Lately I have been trying to limit the products I am using, a bit of hair spray here or there or some dry shampoo (Kevin Murphy’s) and I am finding my style and hair lasts longer and is growing faster!


Growing Techniques

As you are growing out your hair don’t be afraid to use a curling iron when its long enough or bobby pins in different variations to hold those stubborn short bangs back. I have used all of the above especially when it is at an awkward phase, curl it and run your hands through your curls so you have texture and volume but the cut is not as noticeable. I found bangs the most annoying, so i either twisted and pinned them back or now I am rocking the buffont until they are long enough!

Another key to growing out your hair is keeping it healthy which means avoiding heat and processing as much as possible and getting it trimmed every 6 weeks or so. I promised myself when I started growing out my hair that I would not over process or dye my hair at all. The less breakage and damage your hair experiences the less likely it is to grow. Will I ever not dye it, probably not but it won’t be happening until I get it to the length that I want! Until then,  this girls colour will be o’natural!

I hope this has helped any of you ladies through the frustrating stages of hair growth!

Sarah xo


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