Balancing Life With A Newborn

Its been awhile since I did an overall life update and so much has changed in these last couple months I thought Id share what we’ve been up to!

Clayton started working out of town in February and this has been an adjustment for all of us (hence the lack of fashion posts and full length photos in general)! With him being gone two weeks at a time it has been a struggle to keep up when I am juggling a 3mth old, a basset hound, a house and myself haha so unfortunately the blog has taken somewhat of a backseat!

I also have been struggling lately with somewhat of an identity crisis. As a new mom, i have zero focus on myself (which of course I wouldn’t change for the world) but it has been an adjustment. Prior to Cash I was busy with the hustle and bustle of my job (which I love and sometimes miss even if it is just for the adult conversation), took pride in my makeup and my outfits, now somedays I barely get out of my housecoat let alone brush my teeth or hair and have a baby glued to my boobs 80% of the time (or so it feels like it)!! Again none of this I would change for the world I’ve just had somewhat of an epiphany of how much time i had on my hands prior to having a baby, seriously what did i do with all that time!!

Also my body has changed so much over the past 9mths and now post pregnancy,. It has been harder to feel confident in my clothes, they fit differently with the added amount of milk in my chest and the additional tummy flab and for someone who loves to get dressed this has been difficult. I should mention that I absolutely admire and am so proud of my body for not only growing and housing a baby for 9mths but birthing a healthy little baby (seriously women are amazing)!! That being said I am trying to focus on enjoying my maternity leave, the fact that I can wear sneakers and a t-shirt everyday if i want to and be content with my focus being on Cash and our time together!

I am also trying to focus on my health and getting back into exercising and eating healthy. This has been a very positive change as I now feel like I have the time to focus on me and my health. It also gets me out of the house which has been exactly what I needed! We are consistently going on daily walks, great for us and also Cali is loving them, we’ve recently joined a strollercise workout program and I able to be home and plan meals which I struggled with previously when I was working and traveling so much. It has given me more of a purpose and an investment in myself! Also since becoming a mom, I want to be better for Cash, be more active, more healthy, more conscious of where and who i buy products from, its weird I never really felt like i had to leave a legacy until he was born. I truly want this world to be better for him and his future.

I am SO grateful for Cash and the love he has brought to our family. I know I have become a better person because of him, more patient, more understanding and more loving, He has truly been the most amazing blessing of our lives but it hasn’t been without its challenges. That being said I am really looking forward to spending this invaluable time watching this little turtle of ours grow!



Newborn Photos done by Maxine and Shellaine Photography: The Essence of Newborn Art

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